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Measuring for Replacement Doors

measuring for replacement doors


Before you begin

ALL Mobile Home door sizes are based on their ROUGH OPENING SIZE (shown at right). If you were to remove your existing door, the opening in the wall is the ROUGH OPENING. That is the measurement you need.

Taking your measurementsTaking Your Measurements:

In most cases you will have to take measurements prior to removing the door. In that case, from the inside of the home, measure the width between the left and right jambs and from the floor to the top jamb.


NOTE: The most common mistake one makes when measuring a Mobile Home door is measuring the door itself -- this will result in an incorrect size. The correct way to measure is frame to frame.

Rough opening
Rough Opening

Top to bottom measurements shown below.
Notice frame to frame measuring.

Top to Bottom Measurement
Top to Bottom Measurement

Left to right measurements shown below.
Notice frame to frame measuring.

Left to right measurement
Left to Right Measurement